Executive Search

Executive Search will ensure that the right people occupy the positions in the client’s organisation, people who are able to bear final responsibility.

We realise how difficult it can be for companies to find the right candidate for critical vacancies at the management level. Through our determination and decisiveness we can be of significant value in that process. We have an extensive network spread over various industrial branches, where different levels of management are represented. With INvizier you are on the safe side.

The candidates (managers and professionals) that we mediate all have a higher professional or university education and can work and think at that level. Furthermore they have at least 10 years of relevant working experience. Finding the right candidate at an executive level requires a good understanding of your organisation and of the labour market. But above all, it requires mutual trust. We show respect for the candidates and handle their information confidentially. Not only do we take the so called hard criteria into account, but we also consider the aspect of how the candidate’s personality fits into your corporate culture.

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